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Smart Fabrick Display

Smart Fabrick Display


Smart Straight Fabrick  Exhibition Display is a great alternative to traditional stands and is designed to catch attention while promoting a strong brand image.

  • The Smart Straight exhibition display unit is up to 2280mm tall
  • Built from a 32mm aluminium skeleton covered in a stunning fabric graphic, the monolith stands tall and demands attention.
  • Available in 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm & 1500mm widths and seated on a heavy metal base.



Graphic Template 600mm

Graphic Template 800mm

Graphic Template 900mm

Graphic Template 1000mm

Graphic Template 1200mm

Graphic Template 1500mm


Hardware Dimensions: (h) x (w) x(d)

600mm - 2280 x 650 x 250mm

900mm - 2280 x 955 x 250mm

1200mm - 2280 x 1240 x 250mm

1500mm - 2250 1544 x 250mm

*All prices subject to VAT 23%

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